There's a hole in the corner of my heart that can only be filled by your noise

凹 Noiz Appreciation Life 凹
Friends!! Prince


Ohno I have already played addictive…..This is my first time to draw Shiroba on PC,then I can‘t face Shiroba on my graffiti.【【【【【

Master! If you call for me, I shall be there! Anytime any place.


This is not what Nitro+CHiral wanted but it’s what I wanted.

/anyways this is so sloppy but ughhhhhhhhh i just wanted noiz frick fracking koujaku on the window. lmao. i finished my job…


[NSFW] i’m so sorry NITRO+CHiral, i just couldn’t stop. this is the last one i swear, i’m already done. okay, yeah. i’m already done. now feel free to take photoshop away from me.



kamazu replied to your post “is there anything more important than noiz in seifuku is there…”

i want to flip his skirt to reveal usagimodoki themed panties


he’ll do it 4 u 

Aoba Seragaki DRAMAtical Murder


Oh hey, a perfect chance to try out this palette. What a nice thing to come home to.