There's a hole in the corner of my heart that can only be filled by your noise

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Friends!! Prince


I think about red haired trip a lot and I won’t deny it but it would be a crime let him keep that colour wearing that amount of pink I’m sorry


ノイ蒼 | サメ助 
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so i tried (x) and got TripxToue. i blame adrianelinerush for this.


Ohno I have already played addictive…..This is my first time to draw Shiroba on PC,then I can‘t face Shiroba on my graffiti.【【【【【

Master! If you call for me, I shall be there! Anytime any place.


This is not what Nitro+CHiral wanted but it’s what I wanted.

/anyways this is so sloppy but ughhhhhhhhh i just wanted noiz frick fracking koujaku on the window. lmao. i finished my job…


[NSFW] i’m so sorry NITRO+CHiral, i just couldn’t stop. this is the last one i swear, i’m already done. okay, yeah. i’m already done. now feel free to take photoshop away from me.